How We Got Here

"Happy Is The New Rich" is the single most important revelation I've ever had in my entire life. I’ve learned that independent of your current financial status or any factors that might discourage you, happiness is a choice. And you can find it right now by focusing on all that is right with your life and appreciating all that you do have, rather than accentuating the negative and spending time thinking about what you lack or what's missing.  

When I was 28 years old, I made the decision to leave the comfort of my home and surroundings in New York to seek spiritual and emotional growth in Laguna Beach, California. I didn't know exactly how I was going to achieve this growth, but I did know that being on my own, across the country from all that I knew and loved, would force me to act in ways I'd never had to before. 

One day, after about three months of living there, I woke up to a phone alert saying that $0.00 was lower than the balance I had agreed to keep in the account. My first thought was “No sh*t". My second thought was that it had to be a mistake. It turned out that my entire bank account had been emptied out as a result of fraud. Let’s just say I was not happy. 

But sometimes in the midst of the chaos you realize what you really have. Luckily some of my close friends were there for me and wired me some money to help get me through the next couple days. But I had to quit my job selling mortgages immediately and went to work at a restaurant so I could have cash in hand every day. I never got back on my feet financially over there, but that didn't matter. I was thriving in every other way imaginable. My lack of money may have kept me from experiencing some of the finer things California had to offer, but it didn't keep me from enjoying friendships, making memories, exercising, and other things I loved. My favorite pastime was going to the beach and feeling awe while staring at the Pacific Ocean. I just had an overall feeling of fulfillment. 
I learned that money, while important and necessary for survival, is not everything. Money only solves one problem; the money problem.  There are plenty of other ways that people fail themselves, and as long as those areas are kept in check, you can feel like a millionaire, whether or not you have the money to prove it.
Welcome to that state of mind. Happy is the new rich.